Polyset Thrives with Help from 'Business First Saratoga'

Since 1980, Saratoga County's Polyset has played a key role in building bridges and other things around the world. In this week's Capital Region Business Beat, Jon Dougherty shares their story.

MECHANICVILLE, N.Y. -- You may not know the name Polyset, but it's likely impacted you at some point.

"We'd like to be the glue that binds industries together," said Polyset CEO Raj Ghoshal.

Since 1980, Polyset has made adhesives that can be found on bridge joints, air filters and other products around the world.

"From constructions to micro-electronics to dental," Ghoshal said.

Over its 36 years in business, all in Saratoga County, Polyset has worked with companies like Walt Disney and General Motors, and its product will be used at the new Braves stadium in Atlanta. However, Ghoshal said running a businesses of this size isn't easy.

"As a small business, keeping track of everything is a challenge in itself," he said.

Polyset recently received help from a new program in Saratoga County called Business First Saratoga.

"It's our effort to help existing businesses grow, help understand what existing businesses are facing and obstacles to grow, and try to solve those problems," said Marty Vanags, president of the Saratoga County Prosperity Partnership.

Vanags said, most times, attention is turned to attracting new companies to the area, and not retaining current ones.

"If we're not helping those local businesses I think we're missing the boat," Vanags said.

Vanags said the goal of Business First Saratoga is to provide companies, like Polyset, the resources they need to thrive in the region.

"These programs, like Business First Saratoga, provide us the opportunity to really expand our reach while staying planted in Saratoga County," Ghoshal said.

Business First Saratoga assists local businesses with workforce development, financing, government regulations, and more. Resources, Vanags said, that will help grow the local economy.

"Pull it all together for those companies and that means more jobs, more opportunities, and more capital investment," he said.

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