Local Entrepreneur Opens Up About Failing in New Book

ALBANY, N.Y. -- Steve Lobel moved to the Capital Region in the 1960s to attend college at the University at Albany. That's where is met his eventual wife and they settled down here. Life since has been anything but average for the man who once aspired to be a lawyer. His calling was business.

"Throughout my career changes I haven't had two careers in the same industry. I've kind of embraced the idea of change," Lobel said.

After graduation Lobel started working at a photo supply store. In 1980, he started his own gourmet cheese business. Eight years later, it became Cowan & Lobel, one of the first boutique style markets in Stuyvesant Plaza.

Things were looking bright for the man who had little business experience.

However, Lobel's business career hasn't always been successful. He's been fired, bought out, and even filed for bankruptcy once. Lobel was bought out from Cowen & Lobel in 1991. He then started a screen-printing business, which failed. He recalled dark times but he always bounced back.

Now, he's using those tough times to share messages of hope and how he failed his way to success.

"I've developed a philosophy of not looking back and treating my failure as part of my education," He said.

Lobel details his failure in his new book "Failing My Way to Success."

"I've had the benefit of all these great experiences including the failures and I'm trying to pass that along to the next generation of entrepreneurs."

Today, Lobel is a successful businessman in the insurance industry and philanthropist. He's an angel investor with Eastern New York Angels, mentor and travels around telling his story to others. He said he wanted to reach as many people as possible because his story applies to everyone.

"What I'd like people to take away from it is that you shouldn't allow the fear of potential failure to stop you from trying," He said.

It's that mantra that he said won't slow him down anytime soon.

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