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Albany County More information has been released about Tuesday night's bizarre incident at Thacher Park. Authorities say it involved a woman fleeing sheriff's deputies, and then falling off a cliff. Barry Wygel talked to Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple. Updated 12:27 PM
Gabriel Vega is Milligan's ex-boyfriend. Prosecutors say he started the fire to cover up strangling her. That medical examiner says that 19-year-old Vanessa Milligan's body was burnt beyond recognition when they found her back in April of 2014. They say Milligan was not breathing when the fire started, and that strangulation was the cause of her death. Milligan was pregnant at the time.
02:06 PM
Police say 62-year-old Borziloke Zakolli was hit twice while crossing Central Avenue in Colonie.
10:07 AM

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