Schenectady With all this changing weather lately, the region is in the prime season for water and sewer main breaks. And mayors from two Capital Region cities are joining forces with their state representatives, to propose a new way of funding emergency pipe repairs. Geoff Redick has more from Schenectady, where the proposal was laid out Monday morning. Updated 01:33 PM
An Albany County man has been arraigned on two murder counts, accused in the deaths of two women in separate incidents. Jon Dougherty has more.
Updated 12:39 PM
After 39 years, and more than $5 million raised, countless lives changed for the better; that is the legacy of the South High Marathon Dance. As we inch closer to Friday's 40th anniversary, Matt Hunter will introduce us to some of the figures who have made the dance a success, and others who have benefited from the community's generosity.
07:57 AM

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