Philadelphia Bills starting running back LeSean McCoy could face some legal trouble, as police in Pennsylvania say he was involved in an altercation that left two off-duty Philadelphia police officers injured. Time Warner Cable News reporter Alex Haight joins us now from the newsroom with an update. Updated 06:02 PM
Chipotle took a time out Monday, hosting a national employee meeting following outbreaks of three foodborne illnesses last year, and its first drop in sales since going public a decade ago. Time Warner Cable News reporter Kaitlyn Lionti tells us about the company's plans going forward.
05:24 PM
It's the advertisement industry's biggest night of the year: debuting over-the-top, and expensive, commercials at the Super Bowl, but were they successful? Time Warner Cable News reporter Rebecca Vogt has more with marketing experts who tell us what made the grade and what was an epic fail.
03:37 PM
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