Cheektowaga The comeback of vinyl records has fans young and old digging through bins at garage sales, shows, and local shops for that one-of-a-kind find, as well as buying up new releases from current-day artists. Time Warner Cable News reporter Rebecca Vogt takes a look at the harmonious trend. 04:51 PM
Tuesday, voters will decide the direction of the Buffalo Board of Education. The power could shift from the so-called "reform majority" led by developer Carl Paladino to a block supported by labor leaders and the teachers union. Time Warner Cable News reporter Kevin Jolly spoke with a former school board member about the importance of this year's election.
05:01 PM
A Jamestown mom is speaking out just six weeks after losing her daughter to suicide. Time Warner Cable News reporter Mark Goshgarian has more about the effort to help prevent tragedy from happening to others.
05:24 PM
Decision 2016
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