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City of Buffalo As the weather heats up, many Western New Yorkers are heading out on their boats. The U.S. Coast Guard says before taking to the water, people should prepare for emergencies. Time Warner Cable News reporter LaMonica Peters has the story. 03:34 PM
The Erie County American Legion is honoring our fallen veterans on this Memorial Day. The legion held its annual ceremony at Forest Lawn Cemetery this morning and placed flags on the graves of vets buried there. Time Warner Cable News photographer David Rich takes us to the event.
02:14 PM
In 2014, we told you how some New York License plates were peeling and bubbling. Our investigation led to changes within the DMV with how they handled customer complaints. Back then a majority of the plates were the older white plates that began with the letter 'E.' Plates appear to be peeling again. Iris St. Meran recaps what customers can do and what hazards these plates pose to law enforcement.
04:00 PM

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