Buffalo The malls aren't for everyone on Black Friday. For those who prefer shopping local, the 5th annual Black Friday Boutique Crawl in Elmwood Village was a welcome sight. Time Warner Cable News reporter Angela Christoforos explains why some residents prefer the local atmosphere, and why some are concerned about how potential new development could affect it. 04:23 PM
South Park became the first-ever Buffalo City School to win a state crown as Tim Delaney led his Sparks into the Class A Title Tilt against Lady of Lourdes.
07:06 PM
A newborn baby from downstate made national headlines this week, after his mother left him in a Christmas manger outside a church and isn't facing charges. Time Warner Cable News reporter Kaitlyn Lionti has more about the law that gives parents an option to give their newborn up safely.
05:40 PM
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