Clinton County Three members of Clinton Correctional Facility's executive team and nine security staff employees have been placed on administrative leave. Emily DeFeciani has more on the investigation into exactly how convicts Richard Matt and David Sweat were able to escape the maximum security prison earlier this month. Updated 03:00 PM
The escape of the two convicted killers has raised a lot of questions. Why were they in the honor block? Why were they assigned to cells next to each other? And what changes will likely come to prisons as a result of this escape? Time Warner Cable News reporter Katie Gibas joins us from outside one of the other maximum-security prisons in New York State where she asked the former superintendent those questions.
01:10 PM
One of the many republican presidential candidates came to the Queen City today for a fundraising event. Jeb Bush attended a breakfast reception held in his honor this morning on the Rich Products campus in Buffalo. Time Warner Cable News Reporter Kaitlyn Lionti has details on his visit.
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