Depew Residents are again asked to decide on the village's future after 1,500 supporters signed a petition supporting the move. Time Warner Cable News reporter Sarah Blazonis joins us from outside the Depew Village Municipal Building with details. 10/24/2016 09:37 PM
For the first time since Barry Moss was killed, his family on Monday heard Gabrielle Ballowe, the woman they always believed responsible for his death, plead guilty in court. Time Warner Cable News reporter Breanna Fuss has more from state Supreme Court.
Updated 10/24/2016 05:50 PM
Gabrielle Ballowe's guilty plea brought closure for the Moss family, but those involved said it was no easy task getting Ballowe to admit her involvement. Time Warner Cable News reporter LaMonica Peters has more.
10/24/2016 04:58 PM
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