Rochester Gov. Andrew Cuomo rejected accusations he’s picking winners and losers in upstate New York. In the past two days, he’s made his way to the North Country and Rochester, covering some of the areas he initially passed over during his State of the State tour. 03:35 PM
Governor Andrew Cuomo was back at the New York State Fairgrounds Monday, touting the state's latest investment plans. Gabrielle Lucivero has the details.
Updated 01/23/2017 07:50 PM
Gov. Andrew Cuomo was back on the road Monday. As Capital Tonight's Ryan Whalen tells us, even when he's not in Albany, the goal is to put the pressure on legislators back at the capitol.
01/23/2017 07:17 PM

New Chautauqua Amphitheater Roof Structure Being Assembled
Construction crews working on the new Chautauqua Institution Amphitheater continue to race against the clock. 07:46 PM

Jalen Everett's Fate Nearly in Jury's Hands - Again
This is the second trial for Jalen Everett for his role in a mass shooting on Genesee Street in August 2015 that left three people dead and three others wounded. Mike Hedeen has more. 06:34 PM

Trump Protesters Criticize Cabinet Nominees
Dozens of demonstrators voiced concerns about Trump's cabinet choices at a downtown rally. They believe many of Trump's picks undermine the very institutions that they are being appointed to lead. Updated 07:57 PM

Kingston Mayor Seeks Advice From Community on Parking Improvement
Kingston Mayor Steve Noble is looking to improve parking and he wants help from the community to do it. Candace Dunkley has the story. Updated 07:43 PM

New York City
Mayor Unveils $84.67 Billion Budget
Mayor Bill de Blasio on Tuesday unveiled an $84.67 billion budget for the next fiscal year. Updated 08:05 PM
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