9/11 Fifteenth Anniversary

NY1 and Spectrum News mark the 15th anniversary of 9/11 with a look back at the nation's worst terror attack.
Access raw audio and video from the day of the attack or watch a timeline of NY1's coverage below.

The Darkest Day: 9/11 Video Timeline

Watch how NY1 News covered the events of September 11th.

8:30 AM

As the day gets underway, NY1 broadcasts the morning's "NY1 Minute" -- the last one of its kind.

8:50 AM

At the NY1 anchor desk, morning anchor Pat Kiernan reports news of a fire at the World Trade Center.

8:51 AM

By telephone, a person at the scene reports hearing an explosion much like a plane crash at 8:46 a.m.

8:56 AM

An eyewitness reports by phone seeing a plane crash into the north tower at the time of the explosion.

9:03 AM

NY1 has a camera trained on the south tower when the second plane approaches and strikes the building.

9:15 AM

The Associated Press reports that the FBI is investigating the crashes as possible hijackings.

9:21 AM

At the scene, NY1's John Schiumo reports on the condition of the towers as thousands flee.

9:44 AM

Reports out of Washington D.C. say there is a fire at the Pentagon, possibly related to the Trade Center crashes.

9:59 AM

NY1's Kristen Shaugnessy is live on the air when Two World Trade Center collapses, and she flees.

10:14 AM

Kristen is located several blocks away after being forced to flee the area during the collapse.

10:27 AM

NY1 has a camera trained on One World Trade Center when the tower collapses in a plume of dust and debris.

10:33 AM

NY1's John Schiumo reports by phone from a TV truck where he is trapped by the choking dust.

10:54 AM

Mayor Rudolph Giuliani addresses city residents live on NY1 to call for calm in the face of the attacks.

11:51 AM

The United Nations building on Manhattan's East Side is evacuated as a precautionary measure.

12:06 PM

On the NY1 news set, a professional photographer describes being trapped in the collapse.

1:09 PM

President Bush addresses the nation, saying, "We will do whatever it takes to secure America and Americans."

1:26 PM

A spokesman for the Taliban denies that the attacks were organized by accused terrorist Osama bin Laden.

2:04 PM

NY1 staffer Yogi Colon describes his footage taken at the devastated World Trade Center site.

2:34 PM

Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, addressing the city, offers assurance in the aftermath of the attacks.

4:18 PM

Fires rage from beneath the rubble of the Twin Towers as surrounding buildings start to crumble.

4:30 PM

The northward evacuation of Lower Manhattan continues as people search for their loved ones.

5:13 PM

NY1's Greg Kelly reports on the impending collapse of the 5 and 7 World Trade Center buildings.

5:25 PM

Seven World Trade Center collapses on the air, becoming the third building to be destroyed.

8:31 PM

President Bush addresses the nation from the Oval Office, calling for strength in the face of terrorism.

9:54 PM

In a late-night address, Mayor Giuliani offers condolences and resolve to city residents.