Frank The Bull Settling Into New Home At Farm Sanctuary

This is the story of a little bull. And his name is Frank Lee. He's not your ordinary bull -- because he's finally free.

"Frank's life is going to be wonderful," said Jill Tedeschi, Farm Sanctuary Shelter Manager.

Frank has a brand new life and a brand new home at the Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen. But how he ended up there? That's what makes this little bull extraordinary.

"Frank's will to live is very very strong," said Tedeschi.

So strong that earlier this month, the one-year-old bull evaded death. It was an escape that had the whole world talking.

He ran free from a slaughterhouse in New York City, and was heroically rescued by none other than longtime "Daily Show" host Jon Stewart, who transported him to safety.

After spending time at an animal hospital, Frank will be spending the rest of his days in Watkins Glen.

"He's already bonding with so many of our main herd," said Tedeschi. "They're coming through the fence to sniff him, let him know that he's safe. He's developing the nice, strong, fiery personality and becoming the individual that he is."

Yes, Frank is settling nicely into his new home, becoming more and more comfortable every day.

"He knows his name. He'll come over to sniff you. He enjoys being brushed; he'll lick our clothes; he enjoys getting treats like hay and grain from caregivers here; and of course, his new best friends that he's made over the fence," said Tedeschi. "He's also turning into quite a love bug, as you can see."

Caregivers say stories like Frank's are inspiring, and have a meaningful impact on public perception -- shedding light on the plight of captured animals.

"When a story like this comes out and garners national attention, people are able to put a face and a name to the meat product that ends up being on the plate," said Tedeschi. "So Frank, however individualistic and amazing he is, he is no different than any of the other billions of animals that are trapped in the food system. So Frank is able to inspire change."

Farm Sanctuary's 175-acre shelter is home to more than 500 rescued farm animals. If you'd like to learn about how to sponsor one, you can visit this link.

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