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Binghamton A short day of testimony continued to give us a look into Almond Upton's state of mind years ago. He's the man accused of hitting and killing Trooper Christopher Skinner while he was conducting a traffic stop in 2014. Our Vince Briga was in the courtroom, he explains why his behavior caused family members to fear for their lives. Updated 04:52 PM
Binghamton residents are coming together in light of recent acts of violence throughout the country. Monday night, supporters of both the "Blue Lives Matter" and "Black Lives Matter" movements marched in dual rallies outside City Hall. Camille DeLongis has a recap, as well as a look at a special vigil planned for Wednesday night.
07:26 AM
Taking her place in history, Hillary Clinton on Tuesday night will become the first woman to lead a major party toward the White House, a triumphant moment for Democrats to relish before plunging into a bruising general election against Republican Donald Trump.
Updated 04:26 PM

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