Broome County Governor Cuomo announces multi-million dollar investment in Binghamton. Cuomo was at the Kirkwood Industrial Park, talking about a project aimed at bringing revenue and jobs to the Southern Tier. Emily Lorsch was there for the announcement. Updated 08/04/2015 01:16 PM
It was said to have been one of the worst prison camps of the North, and it's where nearly 3,000 Confederate soldiers lost their lives, but one building is all that's left of Elmira's Civil War prison camp. Our Matt Jarchow explains a new project designed to open up an overlooked part of the city's past.
08/04/2015 06:27 PM
Binghamton officials are taking steps to make the city a safer place in the wake of two murders last month. Gabrielle Lucivero has a look at one law that could make all the difference.
08/04/2015 07:26 AM