Broome County The New York State Department of Transportation has determined that the Interstate 81 pedestrian bridge in the town of Dickinson is nearing the end of its life. Tuesday night, they'll hold a public meeting to discuss their findings, and propose a couple of options to fix or replace it. Camille DeLongis has more from the Dickinson Town Hall with details on those proposals. 07:44 AM
Police say pink and white markings are visible on both the front and back of the counterfeit bills. Some may have these markings erased, but they still leave obvious alterations. Dash pattern marks can also be seen on the upper right corner of the front and upper left corner on the back.
01/16/2017 12:44 PM
Governor Andrew Cuomo is in Albany Tuesday, slated to hold several individual meetings on the day the executive budget is due. Barry Wygel has more information on some unanswered questions in this year's budget.
05:49 AM

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