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Endicott An issue that's drawn concerns within the Endicott community has now been addressed. i3 Electronics treats and disposes thousands of gallons of landfill leachate each day, causing many to worry about the dangers of their drinking water. Vince Briga tells explains why environmental experts say there's no reason for residents to worry. 06:45 PM
New York's very own Maine-Endwell will be back on the field in Williamsport to play their third Little League World Series game tonight. The team is ready and so are their fans. Time Warner Cable News reporter Tina Yazdani has more.
05:38 PM
One day. That is all the time that is left before the start of the Great New York State Fair. Time Warner Cable News reporter Iris St. Meran shares what new features you can look forward to when you're on the grounds.
07:04 PM

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