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Hornell People living in Hornell are applauding a move to bring hundreds of new jobs to the city. As our Tina Yazdani reports, it's part of a deal that has been years in the making. 08/26/2016 05:52 PM
The tractor-trailer involved in a 10-car pileup Thursday evening on Route 17 eastbound near the Front Street exit had faulty brakes, which contributed to the crash, according to a city official. Camille DeLongis has the story.
08/26/2016 06:08 PM
District Attorney Steve Cornwell says 53 people in Broome County have died due to drug overdoses as of Wednesday, with 48 of those coming from heroin and opioids. The number comes as a drastic increase from the county's previously reported 11 cases just a few weeks ago.
Updated 08/26/2016 05:17 PM

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