Gary and Doris Jurkiewicz's have owned and operated The Oakwood Inn Bed and Breakfast since 2001. They've spent their life savings on restoring and preserving the home, but on June 1, the business will close its doors for good. 05:11 PM
City Council recently voted in favor of a new parking policy that could make Glenwood Ave. safer. Council members voted to allow all-hours parking along Glenwood Ave. South, south of Tucker St. for drivers like David Todd, there is a parking pain on Glenwood Ave.
04:33 PM
Raleigh is among the leading cities in the country when it comes to spending on publicly owned and operated parks.
02:37 PM

This Week's Topic - Your Kids (April 23-29)

Find out how to build your children's financial literacy from an early age. We'll cover everything from allowances to credit, checking accounts and even protecting them from identity theft.

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