Joseph Mitchell broke down as he told the jury about his 4-year-old son that he's accused of killing. 03/04/2015 05:11 PM
Jonathan Broyhill, 33, walked into the courtroom Wednesday morning showing no emotion. His lawyers are fighting the first degree murder charge for the death of 29-year-old Democratic strategist Jamie Hahn. Broyhill was a close friend of Jamie and her husband Nation Hahn.
03/04/2015 05:17 PM
If Dynamic Community Charter School students were giving their school a report card, it would have glowing marks. However, the state isn't giving the school the same high marks.
03/04/2015 09:01 PM
Parents, Students Upset over Wake Co.'s Plan to Make Up Snow Days
Wake County’s plan to make up last week’s snow days is getting mixed reaction from parents and students. 03/04/2015 06:45 PM
Cumberland County Animal Control Says Animal Cruelty Calls on the Rise
Animal control says they have nine active felony abuse cases. They don’t think it's happening more, they think awareness has been raised. 03/04/2015 09:37 PM
Authorities Release Sketches of Suspects in $4.8 Million Gold Heist
The Wilson County sheriff's office released sketches of two of the three men believed to be involved in stealing nearly $5 million worth of gold from a truck on Interstate 95. 03/04/2015 09:15 PM
VA Medical Center Emergency Room Remains Closed
The emergency department at Fayetteville's VA Medical Center is still closed. It's been six months since the department shut its doors, changing the facility into an urgent care center. 03/04/2015 05:56 PM
New Chief Justice Addresses Lawmakers, Stresses Importance of Funding Court System
It has been 14 years since a chief justice came before lawmakers to talk about the state's judicial system. New Chief Mark Martin asked leaders to restart the tradition, and in his first address, told the legislative branch the court system has many needs, chief among them is funding. 03/04/2015 08:00 PM
Through My Eyes
In this series, "Through My Eyes," Time Warner Cable News reporters speak with African-American youth and adults about the issues black males face and how they feel in today's America. How has the country progressed since the Civil Rights marches of the 1960s and how do African-American men feel they are perceived in today's world? Watch it the full special now!
More NC News
Temperatures About to Take Roller Coaster Ride
March can be a very interesting month meteorologically speaking. We will see a wide range of weather and temperatures this month, sometimes within a few days of each other. We are in one of those situations right now, coming off recent winter weather today will be unseasonably warm as temperatures climb into the 70s. 03/04/2015 12:41 PM
Report: Violent Crimes in Durham Up 15 Percent
Police say violent crimes, which include homicides, rapes, robberies and aggrevated assaults, increased 15 percent last year. The department says the assault count was fueled by an early-year string of shootings into occupied homes and cars. 03/04/2015 11:57 AM
Wake Co. Students to Make Up Snow Days on Saturdays and Good Friday
Tuesday, the school board gave initial approval to schedule the makeup days for Good Friday, a Saturday in April, and another Saturday in May. 03/04/2015 11:36 AM
Chief Justice Gives First Speech to NC Legislature Since 2001
The legislature invited Mark Martin to give a “State of the Judiciary” address Wednesday afternoon. This marks the first time since 2001 a chief justice has made such a speech to a joint House-Senate session since I. Beverly Lake Jr. did so in 2001. 03/04/2015 07:26 AM
AP Source: Greg Hardy to Meet With NFL Officials
A person familiar with the situation says Panthers defensive end and soon-to-be free agent Greg Hardy will meet with NFL officials in New York on Wednesday to discuss his domestic violence case. 03/04/2015 07:22 AM