Detention hearings for more than a dozen current and former law enforcement officers who are facing drug and fire arm charges are being held in federal court this week. Federal agents arrested 15 people as part of an undercover sting bust called “Operation Rockfish.” 07:02 PM
Wednesday was a day of joy and happy homecomings for about 120 Fort Bragg soldiers who safely made it back on American soil. After nine long months in Afghanistan, the paratroopers of the 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade were greeted by loved ones at Simmons Airfield in Fayetteville.
05:29 PM
Gov. Pat McCrory said North Carolina will have a revenue surplus of $400 million this fiscal year, and he already has ideas on how to use it. he announced the surge in tax collections Wednesday at an event held by the NC Association of County Commissioners in Raleigh.
02:56 PM

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