The Trump administration revoked federal guidelines telling public schools to let transgender students use bathrooms and locker rooms matching their chosen gender identity, citing confusion. Updated 02/22/2017 07:30 PM
On Capital Tonight: We talk with Rep. Darren Jackson, (D) House Minority Leader, about repealing HB2 and other big issues before the General Assembly. A new bipartisan bill to repeal HB2 was filed. Senior Political Reporter Loretta Boniti has the latest details from the General Assembly. Our Advocates Tyler Cralle and Sam Spencer debate the confirmation hearings for Gov. Roy Cooper's nominees as the rhetoric over the issue heats up.
02/22/2017 07:14 PM
A bipartisan proposal to repeal the controversial NC law House Bill 2 has been filed in the House.
02/22/2017 04:53 PM