United Way Promotes Reading in Greensboro Homes

GREENSBORO -- It's not always easy to get your child excited to sit down and read, but United Way is helping parents, teachers and students get on the same page to teach students to love reading at a young age.

Parent Tarshia Brady said she encourages her son to read often.

"We read in the evenings,” said Brady, “Sometimes in the living room or at the table."

Its part of an initiative called "Raising a Reader." About 200 kids and 50 parents in Guilford County participated this year.

The program pushes parents, teachers and students to read to each other. Along with providing books for kids to read and flip through.

"A lot of times, he wants to read books with a lot of colors,” explained Brady, “Just learning different things instead of the IPad."

Wanda Smith is a Pre-K teacher at Archer Elementary School. She says taking an old fashioned approach to reading tends to create a stronger foundation in a child's joy to read putting down the tech and picking up a book.

"With this program, the parents are offered workshops,” said Smith, “The teachers are offered workshops to help guide them through the program. Understanding books are important, and reading is important."

It's why she's so appreciative the United Way backs initiatives like this.

"We often don't understand the end result of where that money is going to we donate to United Way. This is one of those things that's helped us."