Now that primary roads and interstates are clear, the NCDOT and the City of Greensboro are using snow plows on neighborhood roads. 05:20 PM
Experts say with the return of sunshine, it’s a good idea to make an exterior and interior inspection.
05:52 PM
The Salvation Army of High Point and several furniture companies are partnering to help families keep warm during the cold weather.
05:08 PM
Retired U.S. Army Veteran gets New Home Mortgage-Free
Retired U.S. Army Sergeant Allen Megginson received the welcome home of a lifetime. Sergeant Megginson got the keys to his newly renovated mortgage-free home Friday in Winston-Salem. 05:19 PM
Winter Weather Continues to Close NC Zoo
The North Carolina Zoo is still closed after two weeks of winter weather. 04:22 PM
UNC Board Votes to Kill Poverty Center, Protesters Led Away
The University of North Carolina Board of Governors voted Friday to disband the think-tank created to help launch John Edwards' presidential campaign and run by a law professor and former Democratic candidate for Congress from Colorado. 03:25 PM
NC Judge Denies Most Voter ID Motions, Summer Trial Next
A North Carolina state judge has declined for now to strike down or uphold photo identification requirements to vote in person starting in 2016. Superior Court Judge Michael Morgan's decisions provided Friday to attorneys mean a lawsuit from voters and advocacy groups is still heading to a summer trial. 03:00 PM
NC Public Universities Again Seeking Tuition, Fee Hikes
North Carolina's public universities are poised for another couple of years of higher tuition and fees after a one-year tuition freeze this year. The governing board of the 16-campus system is expected to approve requests by schools to raise the two basic costs of attendance. 07:58 AM
Through My Eyes
In this series, "Though My Eyes," Time Warner Cable News reporters speak with African-American youth and adults about the issues black males face and how they feel in today's America. How has the country progressed since the Civil Rights marches of the 1960s and how do African-American men feel they are perceived in today's world? Watch it Friday at 7:30 p.m.
More News
Black Ice Remains a Concern on Secondary Roads
DOT crews worked to get primary roads in the Triad in good shape Friday morning, and now the concern moves to secondary roars in the area. 07:50 AM
Llamas Escape From Nursing Home, Captivate Nation
Two llamas in Arizona captured the attention of people all across the country Thursday afternoon, after they broke free and were on the run for at least an hour before anyone was able to catch them. 09:28 AM
Trust Fund Created in Honor of Chapel Hill Shooting Victims
The families of Deah Barakat and Yusor and Razan Abu-Salha are hoping to raise $500,000. The proceeds from the Our Three Winners Trust, will go towards funding education, dental relief and service projects helping those in need. 08:16 AM
Lynch Confirmation Expected Despite NC Senators Opposition
Sen. Richard Burr said Thursday he's unable to support President Barack Obama's nomination of Lynch. He made the announcement after new Sen. Thom Tillis voted Thursday morning against Lynch in the Senate Judiciary Committee. The panel still recommended her confirmation to the full Senate in a 12-8 vote. Her ultimate approval is still expected. 08:29 AM
North Carolinians Have Fun in the Snow
It was a day for many across North Carolina to dig out as the winter storm moved on. Others found time to play in the snow, even officers in a Alamance County police department. 02/26/2015 07:48 PM