A new chief, but a familiar face: after more than two decades, Wayne Scott is now leading the police force in Greensboro. It is a journey that Scott has taken over 24 years of service. 04/24/2015 03:38 PM
On Friday morning, crews started tearing down the home on Knob Hill Drive where last year investigators found two bodies in the backyard.
04/24/2015 01:42 PM
A brand new treetop adventure park is opening in Greensboro. SKYWILD is a ropes course with 60 different challenges between 12 and 45 feet off the ground.
04/24/2015 04:32 PM

This Week's Topic - Your Kids (April 23-29)

Find out how to build your children's financial literacy from an early age. We'll cover everything from allowances to credit, checking accounts and even protecting them from identity theft.

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