Kathryn DiGisi is from the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. She stumbled into journalism at Texas State University. 

While it had not been a childhood dream, she quickly learned that telling stories suited her and it was something she wanted to pursue whole-heartedly. During college, Kathryn bounced from the Hill Country in Texas to New York City to Florence, Italy.

After graduation, Kathryn packed up and moved to Boothbay Harbor, Maine to write for the local newspaper. From there, she landed her first television gig at the ABC affiliate in Lawton, Oklahoma.

After two years sharing stories from Ft. Sill and the beautiful Witchia Mountains, Kathryn packed up again and headed for the Midwest. She spent another two years working as a multi-media journalist with the NBC affiliate in Southern Illinois.

Kathryn is happy to be a part of the Spectrum News family and is looking forward to becoming a part of the local community, as well.