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We've teamed up with financial planners from Financial Symmetry to provide additional resources and information for each week of the Money Matters initiative. 

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

1. Time and again, what leads to the best job opportunities? Networking from Manpower study

· Blog: 10 Quick Money Tips for the Young Professional/Recent College Graduate

2. What is the average tenure per job for Millennials (25-34 year olds)? 3 years (DOL Report)

3. How much can you save in your 401k in 30 years? 401k Savings Calculator

· Blog: Defending the 401k

4. How does your 401k rank against other 401k plans?   

· Plan Comparison (Bloomberg) or Find Your Plan (Brightscope)

5. What tools give you the best success at budgeting?

· 10 Free Tools to Try for Budgeting

· Blog: Did You “Set It and Forget It”…again?

6. What’s the most common reason people don’t have a budget?

· Blog: 5 Common Excuses Why People Don’t Have a Budget

7. Which health related retirement account is known as a tax triple threat?

· Blog: Why You Should Use a Health Savings Account

8. What is the penalty in 2015 for not having health insurance coverage per adult? $325

· Kaiser Infographic How Requirement Works

9. What student loan program, established in 2012, helps with payback assistance?

· Blog: Student Loans? Pay as You Earn Can Help

10. When student loans should you pay off first? Experts say focus on highest interest rates and private loans (since they won’t be eligible for forgiveness). 

· Great resource: Heather Jarvis, Student Loan Expert


  • While 64% of employees had access to retirement plans, only 49% of employees participated (source)
  • Health care plans were available to 70% of workers in the private sector but only 51% participated. (source)
  • Nearly 80% of full-time workers have access to employer-sponsored retirement plans, and more than 80% of these workers participate in a plan (source).
  • Workers and their employers contributed an average of $9,670 to 401k plans in 2014, up 4% from 2013. (source)
  • On average, employees socked away 8% of their salary, the highest savings rate recorded by Fidelity since 2011. Adding the employer match, workers saved 12% of their salary. (source)
  • $18,433 is the median amount in a 401k account per Employee Benefit Research Institute. Almost 40% of employees have less than $10,000. (source)
  • 57% of households don’t have a budget. (source)
  • 12.9% of US adults were uninsured in the fourth quarter of 2014. (source)
  • The average student loan is $23,186. Americans collectively owe more than $875 billion on student loans (source)
  • 55% of students attending college full-time had a federal loan in 2013. (source)
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