UNC Wilmington is working to launch Southeastern North Carolina into multi-billion dollar marketplaces. 03:36 PM
Newly-released photos reveal the extent of damages sustained by the Wilmington Family YMCA’s building during a fire earlier this month.
04:19 PM
The cold weather is taking a toll on homeless shelters across our state.
03:39 PM
Gov. McCrory: The Biggest Issue for Us is Power Outages
Gov. Pat McCrory updated the public on the latest conditions Thursday afternoon. He said one of the biggest issue they're battling is power outages. 12:58 PM
Animal Shelters Keep Furry Friends Warm During Cold Temperatures
With extremely cold temperatures, animal shelters are taking extra measures to keep their furry friends warm. While many facilities are all indoors, the Carteret County Humane Society has indoor and outdoor kennels. 05:35 PM
Winter Storm Leaves its Mark on Much of North Carolina
Heavy, wet snow fell on much of North Carolina Wednesday night through early Thursday morning. However, parts of the state saw more sleet or just rain resulting in lower than expected accumulations. 10:19 AM
Thousands in NC Without Power Following Winter Storm
More than 215,000 Duke Energy customers are without power in North Carolina. The hardest hit areas are in Wake County and Durham County. 09:30 AM
DOT Crews Work to Keep Roads Clear
DOT crews are in overdrive Thursday morning, working hard to make sure the roads are as clear as possible. Time Warner Cable News reporter Linnie Supall is at the DOT maintenance yard in Raleigh with the latest on their progress. 06:56 AM
Through My Eyes
In this series, "Though My Eyes," Time Warner Cable News reporters speak with African-American youth and adults about the issues black males face and how they feel in today's America. How has the country progressed since the Civil Rights marches of the 1960s and how do African-American men feel they are perceived in today's world? Watch it Friday at 7:30 p.m.
More News
Sen. Thom Tillis Won't Support Lynch for Attorney General
President Barack Obama's nominee for attorney general won't get support from her native North Carolina's new senator. 11:33 AM
Downtown Wilmington Businesses Contend with Winter Weather
Downtown Wilmington businesses are feeling the chill of this week’s winter weather. Some shop owners say they have seen a decline in foot traffic due to frigid temperatures, snow and rain. 02/25/2015 06:46 PM
Ice Causes Issues for Morning Ferry Commuters
Many people rely on the ferry to get to and from work each day, but on Wednesday morning, a lot of routes in Havelock were canceled due to ice. 02/25/2015 06:22 PM
Bridges, Overpasses Call for Special Winter Treatment
Even a small winter storm can cause big problems on bridges and overpasses. Icy conditions shut down several in New Hanover and Brunswick Counties on Tuesday night. 02/25/2015 06:33 PM
NC Senate Response to Gay Marriage Rulings is Approved
The Senate voted 32-16 Wednesday for a bill giving magistrates and some register of deeds workers the ability to remove themselves from the process because of religious objections. The bill comes after federal judges' in October overturned North Carolina's same-sex marriage ban. 02/25/2015 03:00 PM