According to state health officials, the number of people dying in North Carolina due to heroin and opioid abuse has skyrocketed since 2010. This six-part series takes an in-depth look at heroin use in North Carolina and its impact on families, communities and organizations across the state.


Part 1: The Heroin Epidemic Emerges - TWC News reporter Vanessa Leon introduces us to a family still reeling from the devestating impact of heroin abuse and shows us that they are far from alone in this fight.


Part 2: The Heroin Addict - TWC News reporter Vanessa Leon examines how the heroin epidemic has become so widespread among all demographics, changing the face of drug addiction.


Part 3: Heroin Drives Crime - TWC News managing editor Bob Costner talks to law enforcement about which areas are seeing the most problems, and what the impact is on the community.


Part 4: Cost of Addiction - TWC News reporter Jessica Nelson has more on the cost of the habit but also the thousands of dollars it takes for treatment, and the impact that has on families.

Part 5: Legislation - Time Warner Cable News reporter Bob Costner takes a look at the laws against the sale and possession of heroin, their success and shortcomings and what else is needed to save lives.

Part 6: Heroin Treatment Recovery - Time Warner Cable News reporter Jessica Nelson has more on a former heroin addict and what treatment best helped him on his road to recovery.


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All heroin poisoning deaths by county: N.C. residents, 1999-2014

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