North Carolina is one of the fastest growing states in the country. However, its success could be threatened by problems with its water supply.

Time Warner Cable News anchor Rob Boisvert takes a look at the issue in a five-part special series called Carolina's Troubled Waters.


Part 1: Examining how a pending shortage could hurt the state's two largest cities:


Part 2: More than a dozen Charlotte-area utilities are joining forces to conserve water. However, others across the state are fighting over it.


Part 3: One idea that might seem obvious but implementing it isn't proving to be easy:


Part 4: North Carolina doesn't only rely on rivers for water. It also utilizes a vast underground network of aquifers. Some experts wonder if residents and businesses are using too much:


Part 5: North Carolinians will need to look at creative ways to conserve water if they hope to continue reaping the rewards of the state's economic success.:

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