A murder case highlighted gang problems in North Carolina. The number of gang members behind bars is increasing in Mecklenburg County. Governor Pat McCrory says it's an issue that needs to be fixed. 12:42 PM
Some lawmakers in Washington D.C. want to implement a national policy to help domestic violence victims escape to safety with their pets. The “PAWS Act of 2015” or Pets and Women Safety Act was introduced in Congress last month, and it’s been sent to a subcomittee.
04:42 PM
A Charlotte couple's maternity picture has reached thousands of shares and likes on social media. Time Warner Cable News is the only Charlotte station to sit down with the couple to talk about their viral picture.
05:21 PM

This Week's Topic - Your Kids (April 23-29)

Find out how to build your children's financial literacy from an early age. We'll cover everything from allowances to credit, checking accounts and even protecting them from identity theft.

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