Former CIA Director General David Petraeus has pleaded guilty to mishandling classified materials. 04:16 PM
Tony Drum, 32, pleaded guilty to four counts of human trafficking Tuesday morning in Federal Court. He faces 10 years to life in prison. Prosecutors say Drum lured two girls, under the age of 18, over the internet.
12:34 PM
According to a new report, when it comes to airline cancellations, December and January were mild, but February padded the numbers with more than 30,000 cancellations.
04:56 PM
Charlotte City Council Rejects LGBT Non-Discrimination Ordinance
The City of Charlotte will not add sexual orientation and gender identity to its non-discrimination ordinance. Late Monday night, after removing language that would have allowed transgender people to use the bathroom of their choice, city council voted 6-5 against the proposed changes. 12:11 PM
Ice Finally Melted From Walkways, NC Zoo Reopens After Week
The North Carolina Zoo is scheduled to reopen Tuesday. It's been closed for seven days as zoo officials waited for ice to melt on five miles of pathways and bridges. 07:42 AM
IHOP Dishes Out Free Pancakes for National Pancake Day
It is National Pancake Day, which means anyone who makes a donation to Children's Miracle Network hospitals or other designated local charities will receive free pancakes at IHOP. 08:09 AM
Charlotte Family Flocks to Healthier Lifestyle with Backyard Chickens
Making healthy changes in the kitchen is always good for families and one Charlotte mom has decided to do something a little different in her backyard. About this time last year, Kacy Pleasants decided to make a change—already on a path to healthier eating, she took it one step further. 09:38 AM
Artist of Bill Clinton Portrait Reveals Secret
The painting hangs in the national portrait gallery. Shanks says Clinton always hated the portrait. 09:02 AM
Through My Eyes
In this series, "Through My Eyes," Time Warner Cable News reporters speak with African-American youth and adults about the issues black males face and how they feel in today's America. How has the country progressed since the Civil Rights marches of the 1960s and how do African-American men feel they are perceived in today's world? Watch it the full special now!
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Three Horses Injured, One Killed After Falling Into Pond
Emergency crews used chains, saws, and an axe before tying a rope around the surviving horse's neck and guiding it to safety. 07:44 AM
Gov. McCrory Offers Public Education Hints in Budget Proposal
Gov. Pat McCrory says his two-year budget proposal for legislators would give North Carolina public school administrators more flexibility to offer raises to experienced teachers and to pay for textbooks or computers for classrooms. 07:51 AM
Bills Addressing NC Gas Tax, Incentives Undergo House Debate
North Carolina lawmakers are primed to debate what changes should be made to fiscal incentives offered companies to persuade them to build in the state. 07:23 AM
CMPD Calls Recent Rash of Violent Crime in Charlotte 'Unusual'
On Saturday night, two people were shot in a crowded club. Hours later at another club, two people were stabbed. Another person was shot early Sunday morning outside a hotel near the airport. All of the victims survived. 03/02/2015 05:44 PM
United Healthcare: Negotiations Hung up on Reimbursements
Negotiations flat-lined between the two over the weekend, and the effects could be bad news for patients and hospitals around the Carolinas. 03/02/2015 04:40 PM