Aftershocks continue to rattle the capital region of Nepal after a devastating earthquake killed thousands of people, but an Asheville-based organization called Samaritan's Purse is deploying a team 16 people to Nepal. 11:35 AM
A Fort Hood shooting survivor from North Carolina finally received the Purple Heart, after fighting for the honor for years. Sgt. Matthew Cooke was shot five times when Major Nadal Hasan opened fire at Fort Hood in 2009.
10:55 AM
A new report estimates public school teachers in North Carolina make on average about $1,000 less per year than their colleagues in South Carolina and about $20,000 less than the teachers in the Northeast, but that didn't stop thousands of applicants from attending a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools career fair.
04/25/2015 04:44 PM

This Week's Topic - Your Kids (April 23-29)

Find out how to build your children's financial literacy from an early age. We'll cover everything from allowances to credit, checking accounts and even protecting them from identity theft.

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