Peruvian students visit Antelope Valley in foreign exchange student program

PALMDALE, Calif.  --  Eight students from Lima, Peru are calling the Antelope Valley home for two weeks as they take part in a foreign exchange student program.

The students are taking classes at Palmdale's Los Amigos School and learning a whole lot more than English. Eight students have travelled from Colegio Maria Alvarado School in Lima, Peru with two teachers, as part of an exchange program orchestrated by Rosa Armstrong.

“I am an alumnus from Collejio Maria Alvarado. I graduated 45 years ago from that school. I came to the United States with a scholarship to UCLA and I had always wanted to give something back to my school and to my country,” said Armstrong.

And this program is her way. In its third year, this group of students is the largest to visit Los Amigos from Peru, which is made possible with donations.

“When we found out that we were going to come here we got very excited, especially the kids, because most of them haven’t been here,” said Colegio Maria Alvarado Foreign Language Teacher, Karina Babilonia.

The students are also making friends.

“At recess and lunch, we play with all of our friends, our new friends,” said eighth-grade foreign exchange student, Valeria Luy.

The students are also improving their English, which is a skill their teacher said is incredibly valuable in Peru.

“Here people don’t say it is fresh. We need to say that here it is cold,” said eighth-grade foreign exchange student, Paula Morales.

The students agree on some differences between the Antelope Valley and home. 

“It has been really funny and happy and hot also. In Lima, the sky is a little bit grey, but here it’s sky blue and the clouds are nice and really white. When the sun sets, the contrast of the colors is really nice. I take pictures of the sky,” said Moya.

The students are here for a total of two weeks through Sept. 16. 

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