Antelope Valley College Football Players Tour Westside Union School District Campuses

PALMDALE, Calif. — Starting Wednesday, Antelope Valley College football players will be visiting campuses across Westside Union School District in order to promote their partnership.

Antelope Valley College has partnered up with Westside Union School District and the Marroquin Foundation to promote the second Annual AVC Junior Touchdown Party. Football players will visit different WUSD campuses to get kids excited not only about the season, but going to college.

“It’s an opportunity and it’s a lifetime changing event,” said Antelope Valley College football player, Tre Coleman.

Students at Anaverde Hills School were able to meet and talk with the football players, learning what college is like. The players signed autographs and gave plenty of high fives throughout the afternoon.

“I definitely think it’s an awesome opportunity for students, to expose them to college going culture. We’re a huge proponent of college here at Anaverde Hills and we want to give them as many opportunities as possible, to have access to what a college campus looks like and to be really be part of an authentic tailgating experience,” said Anaverde Hills School principal, Kristin Kruizinga.

The partnership allows students to become Junior Touchdown Club Members with the hopes that they start planning for college early on. Membership fees will go to the West Antelope Valley Foundation, which gives grants to schools, teachers, and clubs in the district.

“They’re helping to teach just to reach for your goal and just to encourage you that you can make it,” said seventh-grade student, Faith Morales.

The tailgate starts at 4:30 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 17 at Antelope Valley College.

The events will be going on at campuses through Friday all over the district to help students kick off their future.

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