SXSWi Director Hugh Forrest Talks Interactive Transformation

Hugh Forrest is the director of South by Southwest Interactive, the sector of Austin's famous South by Southwest festival that includes the gaming, technology and startup aspects of the event.

While SXSWi does shine a spotlight on both technology and business, Forrest says he likes to think about it in a different way.

"I prefer to frame it as, it's an event about creativity and that it happens to be that technology is the language these creatives are speaking in," Forrest said.

He does, however, admit that SXSWi has become much more business applicable in the last few years.

"That in many ways happened by happenstance as opposed to direction," Forrest said.

He says years ago, SXSWi salesperson Katie King was worried about bloggers being the only ones to frequent the interactive sector of the festival.

"This was on the dawn of the social media age, and no one could quite conceive how much power the social media sector was going to have towards all things," Forrest said.

To find out more about SXSWi, how it's changed over the years, how it got its name and more, watch the "Straight From the Top" videos above and below.

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