Business Connection: Texas Rain soaks up success

When it rains, it pours success for Smithville company Texas Rain.

The business, which specializes in selling bottled rainwater, recently launched in April and has already seen a positive profit.

Austin Business Journal Editor Colin Pope said the company has already sold more than 60,000 bottles through various retailers such as national drug stores and Schlotzky's Deli.

However, the innovative idea did not stop with the product itself.

CEO David Schraub also took the packaging of the water into consideration. The plastic bottles are also environmentally safe.

"These bottles biodegrade in about five years," Pope said. "So, they really aren't too much of a threat to the environment."

According to the Austin Business Journal, Schraub is now looking to expand his business and build three more bottling plants in Texas.

Pope discussed Texas Rain and their success with News 8 Austin's Paul Brown during the Business Connection.