Go Green!: Rainwater bottled in Central Texas

Texas Rain is a local company that bottles and sells Central Texas rain water.

“It's real rain water, and it's the solar incentive for Texas,” company spokesperson David Schraub said. “We’re going to be shipping this all over Texas. Right now, we're in the 15 county regions and we're moving in the other markets.”

To collect the rain, they have a 50,000 square foot capture facility. The facility gets about 27,000 to 28,000 gallons for every inch of rain according to officials.

The rain water is bottled and captured in Smithville.

“It's true rain water. We collect it. We run it through a purification skid and bottle it and then distribute it,” Schraub said.

Eventually they want to process the bottles in Central Texas as well.

“We're going to put in our own bottle making machines and we'll be able to manufacture our own bottles, as well, at this location. And, hopefully, we can expand to other locations around Texas,” Schraub said.