Commemorative portraits bring memories to life

Gouverneur Central High School says it has a unique tradition, one that shows off the school's musicals. Our Rachael Paradis has more on a wall of commemorative portraits and the memories they bring to life.

GOUVERNEUR, N.Y. -- Gouverneur High School has an auditorium just like any other school but what makes this one unique is the portraits hanging up, showing every musical the school has put on for the past 30 years.

"It's definitely rewarding to go back and look at all of them,” said Steven Moses, Gouverneur Central senior.

"They've been a lot of fun. The children have been delightful,” said Elizabeth Gleason, painted portraits.

Elizabeth Gleason was the art teacher at the time who came up the idea for the portraits. She says they started as a way to give a brand new auditorium in the seventies its own identity and now it's a tradition that gives those in the musicals some well deserved recognition.

"You know everybody else is represented elsewhere, trophies for the sports and so forth and there was nothing for the kids who were into music and art and drama,” said Gleason.

The first picture was hung up in 1979 and every musical after is shown down the wall. Gleason says each picture captures the unique casts and the performances and the students, directors, and crew all agree that looking at these brings back good times.

"It often becomes a favorite memory for many of them and some of them come and see the show and always walk the gallery,” said Carol Amberg, musical director.

"Just go trip on memory lane and say 'Oh! I remember that one time when we did this show and we had this scene that we really had a lot of fun with,” said Moses.

And while Moses says he doesn't look anything like himself in the artwork, it's okay because his character is spot on.

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