Technology Helps Seniors Track Down Lost Items

The Jewish Home of Rochester has been recognized for their technological advancements that are helping senior citizens keep track of their valuables.

Using the ScanDent system, the facility now puts tracking devices in the glasses, hearing aids and even the dentures of its residents.

If any of those items make it into the laundry or garbage, an alarm goes off, sending an automatic email message to security with the residents' information and the location of the misplaced item.

"This organization really recognizes the fact that technology can enhance the lives of seniors and it can enhance the health care of patients who are here for rehabilitative care, so we look to harness that technology in any way we can to make sure we're utilizing it to the best of our abilities," said vice president and CIO Travis Masonis.

In the year that this technology has been implemented, the facility has already recovered more than a dozen hearing aids alone.

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