Million Father March

POUGHKEEPSIE, N.Y. -- Fathers, uncles, big brothers, and mentors of all ages gathered in the City of Poughkeepsie to march to area schools to demonstrate their commitment to their child's education.

The Million Father March takes place across the country on the first full day of school to recognize the power of male involvement in the education of all students.

Statistics show that students with involved male figures score higher on tests, have better graduation rates, and are less likely to be suspended or use drugs.

Uncle David Gourdine said, "I came out here to support him because he asked me to come. He's a good influence on me too, you know, so we do a lot of positive things together. It's good to have that in a kid's life."

Parent Robert Josiah said, "If you show support, even if they don't understand school, they don't like school, but just showing them, keep going, keep going, they're gonna get it, because I didn't like school but my father showed me that school, that's the only way to get better in life. So that's what I'm trying to teach my son."

More than 100 men took part in the march. They traveled to Krieger Elementary and Morse School. Seven-hundred school districts across the country took part.

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