More changes coming for the Arab world

The experts still shake their heads over the massive change that continues to sweep the Arab world. Yet another regime is about to fall. YNN's Bill Carey says one expert at Syracuse University thinks it will not be the last.

LIBYA -- The scenes of celebration in Tripoli began even before the rebellion could claim complete victory. There is still bitter fighting in and around some neighborhoods still controlled by forces loyal to Moammar Gadhafi.

Still, the world is watching as yet another dictator in the Arab world nears the end, at the hands of his own people.

"People realize that, yes, they can be free. Yes, liberty is possible. And yes, we have to do something to invoke that change," said William Smullen, Director of the Maxwell School of National Security Studies.

Libya follows on the path followed in uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt, uprisings seen as part of a movement known as the "Arab Spring."

The experts, like Smullen, continue to be amazed at the pace of change across the region. But they say this season of change is far from over.

"It's not just the Arab spring, because it's going to continue into the summer and the fall and the winter. This is going to continue until, I think, things settle out in that part of the world in a way that is going to be not only good for the region, but good for the world at large," Smullen said.

Smullen says the next stop on the path to regional change appears to be Syria, where president Bashar Assad continues a crackdown in the wake of calls from western nations for him to step aside.

"His days are probably numbered, as well. I don't think he can continue doing what he's doing, which is wanton killing. Over the weekend, he killed a number of civilians, just indiscriminately and that simply is not going to last very long, in my view," Smullen said.

Smullen says the Arab world is changing and as a result, the world will be a better place.

Smullen says there is at least one positive results from events in Libya that will directly affect Americans. Once the Gadhafi regime is gone for good, he says oil from Libya, which has been in short supply, should begin flowing again. That could lead to big decreases in the price of gasoline.

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