Some men might say the worst thing as they get older is losing their hair. In today's health report, non-surgical techniques for male pattern baldness.

As we age we lose our hair - some experts say up to 40 a day. Also a contributing factor, genetics. Male pattern baldness can start at any age.

"It started out in the back. It bothered you that you are losing your hair. So you have to do something it."

Caused by hormones and aging, irreversible baldness can affect men and women.

"Testosterone is the culprit," said Dejoseph Hair Restoration owner Joseph Digiuseppe. "There is a lot of it on the scalp, both on men and women, and what happens is it breaks down the byproduct is called DHT, which is dihydro-testosterone. It doesn't mean they have an imbalance of that; it's just that their system has an inability to get rid of the byproduct and that begins to atrophy the follicle and that is where the hair grows out of."

Each year he lost more hair. Concerned about his appearance, he wore toupees, hair clips and weaves, which were hot and always risked embarrassment.

"You don't look good doing sports or something, but if somebody was kidding around and they grabbed your hat, your hair might go with it. You were always concerned."

The hair graph is real hair. It's made to cover the area where the man is balding.

It's bonded right to his head so it never comes off. It's made of real hair and is cared for just like it was his. No itching. No sweating. No worries it's going to fall off.

"It makes me feel more secure about myself. It makes you feel you look a little better."

Cost starts around $3,000 on up, which includes a year of service and hair replacement.

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