Hair augmentation

Both men and women lose their hair. The reasons can include anxiety, stress even diet, but for women, pregnancy is also a factor.

"I literally have very little hair," said Reesa Wagner. I have alopecia. After my first child, it just fell out."

For many people, man or woman, hair loss has to do with hormonal change. In Reesa Wagner's case, it was permanent. She's worn wigs for 40 years.

"I wouldn't answer the door without it," she said. "My girlfriends would come over and not call me and I have to go get my hair and put it on."

Wearing a wig not only made her self-conscious, they were bulky, hot and she avoided certain activities.

"I never went swimming," she said. "I didn't go swimming."

Looking for a change, she found one. It's called an augmentation, a hair graph that's bonded to her scalp.

"The augmentation that we do is to cover just the area that is needed, and that is going to be bonded to the individual so it becomes one with the individual scalp," said Dejoseph Hair Restoration owner Joseph Diguiseppe.

"When he put my hair on, I literally cried, and I think to this day and it's been two years and I think I still cry. I can't believe it's me underneath it," said Wagner.

The hair graph can be bonded to the scalp or existing hair with a natural material. It takes about an hour to adhere and it's secure. Both men and women can benefit. The hair needs to be cut or rebonded every four to six weeks.

"This is there when I wake up," said Wagner. "I wash it. I curl it, blow dry it. It's mine. It's not going anywhere. It's phenomenal"

Depending on what you might need there are different types of hair graphs. If you are just starting to go bald you might need one with fewer hair and more if you are at a more advanced stage baldness. They feel wonderful because they are real.

It's washed and cared for just as if you had your natural hair. For some people the bonding can itch. Prices begin at $2,800 and up which includes a year's worth of cutting, coloring and or replacements.

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