Letchworth State Park Getaway

If you're looking for another good waterfall getaway, Letchworth State Park is the place to go.

"I live here in Penfield and I've lived here for many many years and I have visitors from out of town. They're from India but they are visiting from California and they are now visiting me in Rochester so I decided to bring them to a very scenic place like Letchworth Park. I've been here many many times and I love this place," said KC Partha, a visitor.

On this getaway, there are two very amazing waterfalls here in the park, the upper falls and the middle falls.

"We love waterfalls. I'm kind of partial to that middle falls. Even this one might be a little more picturesque, I kind of like that one. I like the way the rocks break, the steps in the rocks," said Marilyn, a park visitor.

Both waterfalls are separated by this very peaceful, grassy park perfect for a picnic on these wonderful old stone slab tables. You just don't see this anymore.

A glimpse of the upper falls and the iron railroad trestle near the park makes this an outstanding place to relax. The trail to the middle falls is fairly flat and cushioned with wood chips.

It's an easy walk and eventually becomes a paved walkway easier for handicap accessibility. This is where you'll find the thundering middle falls.

"Yes! She is definitely a waterfalls enthusiast and I'm there to follow," said Jim, Marilyn's husband.

"And I was born in Niagara Falls. I'm very partial to falls," said Marilyn.

Admission to the park only $8 per car, making it a very affordable waterfall getaway.

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