Museum at Bethel Woods Getaway

A blast back to 1969 and music history is what you'll get on this getaway at the Museum at Bethel Woods located in Bethel Woods, New York.

That's right... Woodstock didn't actually happen in Woodstock. Organizers wanted it to, but it actually ended up about an hour and a half away at what is now the Bethel Woods Center for the Arts.

The Museum at Bethel Woods is a true representation of sites and sounds of that historical music event from August of 1969. If you didn't go to the real thing, you'll certainly walk away feeling like you did.

Expect to spend a good couple of hours taking it all in, and don't leave without driving up the road to visit the Woodstock Monument that overlooks the actual site of where the crowds gathered and where the single stage once stood!

Museum at Bethel Woods

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