Duke professor brings love of science to the community

An outreach program at Duke University is helping students engage in their studies. Thousands are taking the course and it is getting students interested in science.

A class of wide-eyed kids at Endeavor Charter School in Raleigh can't take their eyes off their guest science teacher and his experiments.

“I think everybody, no matter what your age is, can get pleasure and enjoyment out of seeing and doing science and that's kind of our goal to share our interest and enthusiasm for chemistry with the community,” said Dr. Kenneth Lyle.

When he's not teaching it at Duke, Lyle takes chemistry into the community.

“They can see themselves as potential 'I can do science too, it's nothing special or whatever. It is a very human endeavor and I can do it too,'” Lyle said.

Lyle, along with a team of Duke students and volunteers, gives these presentations to all age groups, reaching more than 8,000 people in the last eight years of the program.

Dozens of schools have invited this guest instructor to teach the science of matter. It appears he's found a way to make it matter even with the youngest minds.

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