Former Contaminated Site Now Bringing Renewable Energy Jobs to Charlotte

CHARLOTTE -- A huge facility in northwest Charlotte that used to have a black eye with the environment is bringing jobs back in a cleaner way.

The once contaminated, abandoned site is now 'Reventure Park,' a hub of innovation for biofuel and renewable energies.

On Thursday, leaders with the Environmental Protection Agency recognized Reventure's initiatives to convert landfill gas to energy, turn wood into ethanol and create a stronger material from spider silk.

Reventure's developer expects the current 45 jobs on site to double by year's end.

"It's becoming an easier sell every day, the more companies that are here, they talk to their networks, the momentum is fantastic," said Tom McKittrick, Forsite Development, Inc.

The full build out of Reventure Park is expected to take seven years which also includes a planned mixed use development nearby.