Paintball gets spooky in Rock Hill

ROCK HILL—It takes work to prepare for a zombie apocalypse.

“We get here before the sun goes down and we set everything up in the woods and we hide,” Cody Hamm said.

These zombies also have to put on protective gear.

“You always have to wear a mask because it protects your eyes and your face,” Hamm said.

And some put padding under their shirts or on their arms and legs. They have to take these measures because they're about to be hunted by paying customers.

“It's one of those night time hunting, going through the dark and yea get a little scared, get a little surprised, shoot a little bit. It's very fun,” Diamelen Partridge said.

The paintball guns are mounted onto a Zombie Response Vehicle. Each rider has 75 rounds to shoot the zombies, and the zombies can't shoot back.

“The riders don't have to gear up at all because they'll be shooting at the zombies, they don't get shot at. So it's good for kids, all ages,” Partridge.

It's been a very popular attraction for paintball central. More than 500 people came to hunt zombies last Friday and Saturday.

“The sound, the energy, it's just kind of a high impact thing,” Partridge said.

“As it gets dark, riders load up in the zombie response vehicle and head through the mile-long haunted trail,” Partridge said.

“As the truck moves and the zombies move, you need to hunt. You need to have your eyes peeled,” Partridge said.